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Cargo & Freight Service Popularity and Demand

The conveyance sphere is one of the most important for the economy of any country. Conveyance provides inter-industry connections and is an indicator of the global trade network’s current state. There is an urgent need for integrated logistics solutions and joint activities with companies that can take responsibility and ensure the smooth cartage of any product (given the global crisis and difficult economic environment).

The international freight market has grown significantly in the last few years. Experts attribute this trend to the rapid development of trade and services. The country has a large number of relevant companies that are ready to provide a wide range of services. However, experts recommend having a deal only with proven international freight companies. This approach will help to avoid damage to the cargo and disruption of delivery times.

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The selection of the shipment is influenced by the total weight and the measurements of the objects being portaged. For example

  • Many companies use minivans with a carrying capacity of up to 1.5 tons to provide goods to a small company.
  • The cartage abroad can also be realized using a minibus with a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons.
  • Vans with a high awning allow you to move luggage of non-standard sizes.

Trucks are capable of moving from 5 to 20 tons of goods. Therefore, these vehicles are suitable for:

  • Groupage cargo movement.
  • Ensuring logistics of wholesale enterprises.
  • One-time shipment of large batches of products.

Vehiculation by trucks usually involves the implementation of many cargo operations.

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Shipment types

Cargo carriage by rail 

This type of craft in logistics chains is especially popular because of its affordability. It is convenient for many carriers to use combined schemes for the portage of goods when water consignment delivers cargo to the port and then redirects by rail. Building materials and coal are regarded as the most popular cargoes.

Sea freight 

Goods portage by sea is the most profitable in economic terms. Sea freight provides more than 75 percent of haulage between various countries. The undisputed leaders in this area are Japan, Cyprus, Greece, China, and the USA. Oil products are mostly transported by sea and the largest cargo flows are observed in the Persian Gulf. In addition, a huge amount of iron ore and coal, as well as grain are also shipped by sea.

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Air conveyance

This type of haulage is most popular in countries with well-developed airport infrastructure. The USA, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia are the leaders in the field of air cargo freightage. There are more than a thousand airports around the world that are actively involved in the carriage of goods. However, airlines provide only 1-2 percent of traffic. This is due to the fact that air conveyance is quite expensive, while not all types of goods can be delivered by aircraft. It’s used to transport perishable products, as well as specific groups of goods that need to be delivered as soon as possible.

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Road haulage 

The length of the global transport net by road is more than 23 million kilometers. Vehiculation of goods by car is the most convenient and flexible because goods can be delivered by car almost anywhere where there is a road. Trucking can also be combined with other logistics chains, so this type of cargo portage is the most convenient and practical.

Advantages of ordering cargo cartage services at large enterprises

A decent cargo & freight company has to be reliable and offer

  • Effective customer support at all stages of cargo movement.
  • The possibility of turnkey transportation orders.
  • Flexible pricing policy availability.
  • Conclusion of a formal contract with the client.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents.
  • Registration of an insurance policy for the transported cargo.
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Linden Tree is perceived as a company with transparent terms of cooperation, favorable prices, and conscientious service. There’s also a compulsory insurance of the transported cargo and the complete safety of products. The fleet meets international standards and the company performs the conveyance of goods that belong to different categories. Special attention is paid to the timely delivery to destinations. Moreover, there’s a development of a cargo transportation strategy for each client and the possibility of deferred payments for regular customers. Freight costs depend on the cartage types, however, it is better to use combined methods of goods shipment.

Which type is better?

Most companies work in the field of international cargo cartage and develop various options for goods relocation, based on the comfort of customers. For example, a classic 20 or 40-foot container can be upgraded into a combined cargo. This means that the client does not have to pay for the conveyance of the entire container.

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