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How to Deal With Neurosis? What to Do and How to Get Rid of a Neurotic State

Psychologists attribute the condition of neurosis to the fact that the dynamics of life itself have changed. We are always rushing somewhere, worrying, fighting for a place at work and in life. Neuroses are a psychological problem primarily for urban residents. Psychologists are ringing all the bells. But how do you fight it? How to get rid of neurosis and make peace prevail and firmly entrenched in ourselves?

What Is a Neurosis?

Neurosis is psychogenic and stressogenic disorders of the mental apparatus. The occurrence of neurosis is provoked not by an event, but by our attitude toward it.


Clients who consult with a psychologist about neurotic disorders cite the following as the most common causes of neuroses:

  • Socio-economic problems in life, causing a sense of hopelessness.
  • Constant psychological stress.
  • Excessive expectations, provoking disappointment.
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At the same time, neurosis for most people is a set of obsessive destabilizing thoughts and physiological symptoms (heart pain, tachycardia, panic attacks or other manifestations), which don’t allow them to live a full life and periodically recur. In reality, however, all of these symptoms reflect a person’s internal psychological state and are an expression of their worldview.

Top 3 Neurotic Conditions

In the ranking of neuroses, neurasthenia tops the list. This is when “I want to, but I can’t, because nothing works, and at the same time, I am tired”. This condition is accompanied by a constant scrolling in thoughts of certain events, accompanied by a drowsy state.

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Next comes obsessive-compulsive neurosis, which specialists categorize as anxiety-phobic disorders. A man is worried if he forgot to shut the water off, close the door with the key, deposit money to his Bizzo Casino site account, and feed the cat. In this type of disorder, the person may injure himself or herself, causing physical injury.


The third type of neurosis is hysterical neurosis. Hysterical neurosis is caused by an inner conflict of “I want to, but they won’t let me.” A person in public may start cutting his hands, he may even develop deafness or blindness, so much so that he wants to draw attention to himself.

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There are other kinds of neurotic conditions. By the way, midlife crisis is also a neurosis, which psychologists call noogenic or existential neurosis.


With any type of neurosis, the quality of a person’s personal life, his family, work and external environment suffers first of all.

How to Get Rid of Neurosis and Neurotic Condition?

Neurosis is characterized by a disturbance of the psychological state that occurs in a person during a long period of moral pressure, internal contradictions, chronic fatigue, a general disturbance of the day, nutrition and sleep.


The treatment of neurosis should be based on a comprehensive approach. The ideal struggle with neurosis will be to combine psychoanalytic therapy with recognition by the person of his or her neurotic condition, accompanied by a firm desire to overcome it. At the same time, it’s possible to include medications, which are prescribed exclusively by the doctor, in the therapy of neurosis.

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Pharmacotherapy gives excellent results, but only with short-term effects. As soon as the effect of the drug ends, the neurosis and neurotic condition returns with the original pronounced effect.


In dealing with neurosis, the best remedy is to relieve muscle tension. Study a set of exercises that are designed to relieve the “muscular shell. Make it a rule to practice them daily. Massage will also help relieve muscle tension, which will expel stagnant lactic acid and relax the muscles, as well as a warm bath.


Take up sports. As soon as a person starts working out, endorphin is produced in his body, which maintains the euphoric state for about two hours. Sports are the best dope for lost happiness hormones. Sign up for aerobics or start jogging.

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Meditate. It allows a person to immerse themselves in their thoughts and will give them peace. Try auto-training. If you don’t like it, find a hobby of your own. It’s not without reason that needlewomen say that they “meditate with spokes,” “meditate with a cross” and they are not afraid of neurosis. It’s important any hobby that captivates a person, gives him inner peace and tranquility.


Learn to say “no” (even at work). Coping with a neurotic state and overcoming emotional burnout will help you to realize the limits of your abilities. It’s better to say “no” once, than to undertake extra commitments, and then break down in a shout because of fatigue, and tell the boss or relatives all that you will regret later.

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Fall in love with life. To begin with, at least pretend that you love this life and see only the best in it. Smile at the first person you see. Keep a gratitude journal. Nobody cancelled the boomerang principle: life returns to us what we give to it. It takes time, but it works.


It’s worth understanding that to get rid of neurosis and the general neurotic state you will need patience, because you will not cure neurosis in five minutes. At first, relapses are possible and most likely they will happen.


It takes time to develop new life skills. The main task in treating neurosis is to teach oneself to perceive reality more simply, and to extract from the situation first of all experience, and only then emotions.

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