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Impact of GST on Accounting & Financial Statements 

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been precise as one of the maximum vital tax reforms post-independence. It is a tax trigger if you want to result in commercial enterprise transformation for all vital enterprises. In this article, we can talk about the influence of GST on Accounting & Financial Statements.


GST Impacts on Accounting 

There might be a big result in the Accounting and Reporting procedures pre in addition to post-GST. There might be a compelling choice to have GST-compliant invoices, document expenses, tune inventory, and finally, mechanically prepare GST-prepared tax returns.


It consequently encompasses the overhaul of the whole commercial enterprise’s monetary procedures together with the accounting and monetary reporting shape. The accounting gadget in organizations will witness critical modifications in sales reporting, calculation of tax vacation incentives, and the manner tax credit score is written off. To absolutely realize the impact, organizations would require to assess the modifications GST will bring about the monetary reporting and oblique tax accounting. Accordingly, organizations might be capable of determining the realignment in accounting and monetary reporting for legitimate sales recognition.

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Now, the accounting remedy of diverse oblique taxes is protected below the Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS) wherein diverse taxes are handled primarily based totally on their nature and the factor of the levy. GST is a consumption-primarily based totally or destination-primarily based totally tax, which suggests that every tax additive is levied on the factor of supply.


GST Effects on Accounting Structure 

GST will notably have an effect on the accounting shape of organizations withinside the tax credit score. Various oblique taxes which include luxurious tax, octroi, access tax, and CST do now no longer fall into the tax credit score. However, after the GST comes into effect, those taxes might be eligible for a tax credit score. However, as in keeping with the usual accounting principles, refundable taxes aren’t taken as an expense—the fee incurred in the purchase of an asset however is taken into consideration as an asset withinside the accounting framework.

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You have to preserve data and debts for GST so you can:

  • Workout the tax you owe and/or can reclaim
  • Fill out your quarterly GST return
  • Ensure you’re paying the proper quantity of GST at the proper time


Also, the Books and data you have to keep include:

  • Annual debts, which include buying and selling and income and loss debts
  • Financial institution statements and paying-in slips
  • Coins books and different account books
  • Credit score or debit notes you trouble or accept
  • Import and export records
  • Orders and shipping notes
  • Buy and income books
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GST transaction Impact on Financial Statements 


The below checklist will assist you: –

  • Reconcile both your Inward and Outward Supply
  • Test capability of Input tax credit score below phase sixteen examine with rules
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism [RCM – Sec 9(3)]
  • Resolve Cash & Credit Ledger balances
  • ITC Wrongly Availed and now no longer availed
  • Income Accrued as in step with earnings tax however now no longer at risk of GST
  • Advancement Received in opposition to services (Not Goods)


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