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How to Create Snapchat Ads: The Ultimate Guide

Before anyone knew what a “selfie” was, Snapchat was encouraging their users to send 10-second video clips of themselves to friends. Known as “Snaps”, these short videos quickly became the hallmark of Snapchat and its primary driver of user engagement. If you’re thinking about launching a marketing campaign with Snapchat ads, you’ll be happy to know that they’re some of the most affordable social ads out there. This is largely because they don’t offer an expensive high-end advertising package like other networks (think exclusive celebrity ads). That said, this isn’t to say that you should take an undervaluing approach when it comes to your own campaign. If you want to know how to create Snapchat Ads that drive ROI, keep reading!

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Why Snapchat Ads Are Great for Marketing

Snapchat is a top choice for marketers because it allows you to create short-term campaigns. This means you can create a specific ad that lasts for a limited time and runs in a specific place. This lets you create focused campaigns that don’t have to be re-thought every time you want to change your marketing strategy. Snap Ads have a low view-through rate, which means that most people who see your ad will not click it. This focuses the ad on people who aren’t actively looking to buy your products—but who may still be interested in learning more about your brand. Snapchat also has a very young audience that is very engaged with social media. While most of your customers will be on other social networks, Snapchat is a great place to engage with younger audiences.

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Creating Your First Snapchat Ad

Before you start creating Snapchat ads, you need to create a Snapchat account for your business. This can be done by logging into your account and selecting the “create account” option. You’ll be prompted to enter your account name, email, and password for the platform. Once you’ve created your account, you can start creating ads. Snapchat ads can be created using the “create an ad” option on the left sidebar of your account dashboard. You’ll be prompted to enter your ad’s title and copy. Be sure to include your business name, product/service name, and URL if you want it to be clickable. Additionally, you’ll need to select your ad type. The two ad types are single image and multi-image. If you’re creating a single-image ad, you’ll need to choose the type of ad you want to run (more on that below).

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Snapchat Advertising Tips

Snapchat offers two ad types: – Single Image Ad: This ad type is best for products or events. It lets you upload a single image that will be sent directly to users in your selected area. – Multi-Image Ad: This ad type lets you send a sequence of images to your selected audience. You can also add a link to your URL in this ad type. – Geofilters: Geofilters are special images that can be added to your Snap Ads. They let you target specific locations and are usually used to promote special events. – Audience Targeting: Snapchat ads can be targeted based on age and gender, as well as the device used to view your ad. Targeting by device is especially important because Snapchat’s user base skews younger than other networks. – Ad Copy: Copy is one of the most important factors in an ad’s performance. Make sure your copy includes your business name, product/service name, and URL.

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How to Measure ROI for Snapchat Ads

The best way to measure ROI for Snapchat ads is to use a social media management tool. This will allow you to track the clicks on your ads and see how your ads are performing. Create a separate campaign in your social media management tool for your Snapchat ads. This will allow you to see your Snapchat performance side-by-side with your other ad campaigns. This will make it easy to compare your ad performance across multiple networks.

Bottom line

Snapchat ads are an affordable way to promote your products and services. Before you start creating ads, make sure your ads are compliant with the Snapchat terms of service. This will help you avoid any fines from the network. If you want to reach a younger audience, Snapchat is a great social network. Use these tips to create effective Snapchat ads that will drive traffic and boost your brand’s visibility.

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