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Packing tips for your river rafting trip

White water rafting is one of the top adventure sports in the world. Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of taking off down the river and seeing the rapids ahead. Short trips last for just a few hours and are great for beginners. You can work with a guide who will make sure your group stays safe.

Once you have more experience, you can plan a longer trip that lasts all day or a few days. Some of these trips even allow you to camp near the river. No matter how long your trip will last, make sure you know what you need to pack. Check out some handy packing tips for your next river rafting trip.

Pack the Right Clothing

You should expect to get a little wet on your rafting trip, but the right clothing can keep you comfy. Dry-fit shirts and shoes are great because they won’t cause you to chafe. Though you can wear any type of shoes, water shoes are usually your best bet. Water shoes have nonslip soles that give you more traction both in and out of the water. If your trip takes place over more than one day, you may want to bring a dry bag with at least one change of clothing, too.

Don’t Forget Safety Supplies

Even if you plan a white water rafting in Montana with a trusted guide, you should still bring along some safety supplies. One must-have is a life vest. You want to make sure that you have one just in case the tour company doesn’t provide one. Another essential is a safety whistle. If your raft flips in the water and you wind up separated from your group, the whistle lets you signal for help and tell the others your exact location. You may want to bring a helmet as well.

Grab a Jacket

When the weather is nice, it’s easy to forget that the temperature out of the water is different from the temperature of the water. Whether you fall off your raft or you wind up in the water for any reason, the temperature might be so low that you feel like you’re freezing when you get back in the raft. This often happens during the spring season as the water struggles to heat up after the long winter. Make sure that you have some type of jacket to stay warm and keep it in a plastic bag.

Add a Floating Dry Bag

Any white water rafting or sports store should have floating dry bags available. This is a type of bag with a seal that keeps your items dry when it falls into the water. The bag will also float on the surface of the water instead of sinking to the bottom. You should put anything in this bag that you don’t want to lose like a camera to capture the fun of your trip and any money that you bring. Most tour groups allow guides to accept tips from customers, but those guides can usually only accept cash tips.

Get Camping Essentials

Some of the best places for white water rafting in Montana include the Flathead River and Yellowstone River. These rivers offer plenty of places to camp on your trip, which is why you need to pack some camping essentials. You don’t want to bring a large tent because it takes up a lot of space in your raft. A smaller tent designed for up to two people is a better choice. Bring along a lantern or flashlight to get around at night and help you see. You’ll also want to bring a sleeping bag and a kit that helps you start a fire.

Rafting trips are a great way to have a fun adventure that you’ll want to share with your friends. You can plan a simple trip that lasts for just two hours or opt for one where you spend several days going through the rapids. Whether you go with a group on your own or have a guide by your side, you need to pack some of the same things. Make sure your rafting packing list includes camping and safety supplies along with the right clothing and a floating dry bag.


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