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The Genius Behind Seven: Unveiling the Enigma of Andrew Kevin Walker


Seven is a 1995 thriller that captivated audiences with its intriguing plot, a perfect portrayal of the seven deadly sins, and stellar performances from Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But what made the movie memorable was the genius behind its screenplay. Andrew Kevin Walker is the mastermind behind Seven and has established himself as one of Hollywood’s greatest screenwriters. In this blog post, we will dive into the life and work of Andrew Kevin Walker and try to unveil the mystery behind his genius in a storytelling approach that is easy to understand.

Who is Andrew Kevin Walker?

Andrew Kevin Walker is a renowned screenwriter from Altoona, Pennsylvania. Before he ventured into writing, he worked odd jobs, including driving a furniture truck, selling shoes, and working as a security guard. While working at Tower Records, he started writing his first screenplay, “Nervous,” which gained him recognition in the industry. He moved to Los Angeles in 1991, and his big break came in 1995 with the screenplay for Seven. Since then, he has worked on several major films, including Sleepy Hollow, The Wolfman, and 8mm.

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The Genius Behind Seven

Andrew Kevin Walker’s masterpiece, Seven, took three years to write, and the final product is a tightly woven and layered screenplay. The plot is intricate, and the twist ending is mind-blowing. Walker’s writing is precise, and each scene serves a purpose in advancing the story. His attention to detail is evident in the seven sins’ depiction, which is integrated into the plot with finesse. Walker’s understanding of human nature and his ability to portray characters’ psychology is also admirable.

Walker’s Writing Style

Andrew Kevin Walker’s writing style is unique, and his scripts are known for their dark themes and gritty realism. His dialogues are sharp and concise, and he knows how to create tension and suspense through the use of imagery, anticipation, and ambiguity. He is also a master at crafting memorable and complex characters, each with their distinct voices and personalities, making them relatable to the audience.

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Inspiration and Influences

Andrew Kevin Walker’s inspiration comes from classic noir films, especially those of Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder. He has spoken fondly of David Fincher’s filmmaking style, who directed Seven, and cites him as one of his mentors. Walker’s own experiences and observations of people and society also serve as a source of inspiration for his writing.

Walker’s Legacy

Andrew Kevin Walker’s works have left a lasting imprint on modern cinema. Seven, in particular, has become a classic and a staple of the thriller genre, cementing his place in Hollywood’s hall of fame. His writing has influenced many aspiring screenwriters, and his attention to detail and intense realism has set the bar high for modern screenplays.

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Q1. What other movies has Andrew Kevin Walker written?

A1. Andrew Kevin Walker has written several other movies, including Sleepy Hollow, The Wolfman, and 8mm.

Q2. Has Andrew Kevin Walker won any awards?

A2. Andrew Kevin Walker has been nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Seven.

Q3. Does Andrew Kevin Walker still write for Hollywood?

A3. Yes, Andrew Kevin Walker is still active in the industry and continues to write for Hollywood.

Q4. How long did it take Andrew Kevin Walker to write Seven?

A4. Andrew Kevin Walker took three years to write the screenplay for Seven.

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Q5. What is Andrew Kevin Walker’s writing style?

A5. Andrew Kevin Walker’s writing style is known for its dark themes, gritty realism, and sharp dialogues.

Q6. What are Andrew Kevin Walker’s influences?

A6. Andrew Kevin Walker’s influences come from classic noir films, especially those of Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder.

Q7. What is Andrew Kevin Walker’s greatest work?

A7. Andrew Kevin Walker’s greatest work is Seven, which has become a classic in the thriller genre.


Andrew Kevin Walker is a true genius in the world of screenwriting. His attention to detail and ability to create complex characters and stories have made his works timeless. His masterpiece, Seven, is an example of his brilliance and has inspired many aspiring screenwriters. Andrew Kevin Walker’s contributions to Hollywood will be remembered for generations to come. If you haven’t watched Seven, it’s a must-see, and if you’re an aspiring screenwriter, studying Andrew Kevin Walker’s works can help you hone your craft.

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