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“The Unfiltered Journey of Elyse Taylor: From Runway Model to Advocate”


Elyse Taylor is a stunning Australian model who has graced the runway of Victoria’s Secret and walked the premier fashion catwalks in New York, London, and Paris. But her beauty and success do not define her, and she has not allowed those attributes to limit her accomplishments. Elyse Taylor is also an advocate, philanthropist, and a proud mother. In this post, we will take an unfiltered journey through her life, from her early days as a runway model to her current work as a fierce advocate for causes that are close to her heart.

From Runway Model to Advocate: The Early Days

Elyse Taylor was born in the remote town of Vaucluse, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, in the year 1986. Her journey as a model started when she was discovered at age 18 while shopping with friends. While she was initially hesitant to pursue a career in modeling, she quickly fell in love with the rush of the runway and the thrill of seeing herself in magazines. But as she became more successful, Elyse also started to feel the limitations of the fashion world. Elyse admits to struggling with body image issues and the pressure to maintain a certain image.

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The Rise of Elyse Taylor: Modeling Career Highlights

Elyse Taylor’s modeling career highlights include being featured in prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. She also became one of the coveted Victoria’s Secret “angels”. Elyse became a global icon in the fashion industry, representing top brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, and Ralph Lauren.

Elyse Taylor’s Advocacy and Philanthropy

Inspired by her personal journey of self-discovery, Elyse Taylor became an advocate for wellness and body positivity. She uses her platform to encourage women to embrace their bodies and boost their self-esteem. She’s an ambassador for The Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading not-for-profit organization that supports people experiencing eating disorders, negative body image experiences, and low self-esteem. Additionally, She actively participates in charity events for breast cancer and maternal health, among others.

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The Life of Elyse Taylor: Motherhood, Family & Friends

Elyse Taylor is a mother of two adorable children, Lila and Nash, and is in a committed relationship with her long-time significant other, Seth Campbell. She regularly shares moments of her life on social media, showing her love for her family and friends. They travel together, go on outdoor adventures, and cherish moments of togetherness.

Elyse Taylor’s Wellness & Fitness Journey

Elyse’s journey towards wellness started after she gave birth to her first child, Lila. Elyse’s postpartum body made her realize that her approach to dieting and exercise was flawed. Through a balanced and healthy approach, Elyse Taylor transformed her relationship with food and exercise, and began to prioritize self-care and overall wellness over extreme measures. She frequently shares glimpses of her workouts and healthy meals on social media to motivate and encourage people to take control o their wellness journey.

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Elyse Taylor’s Fashion & Style

Elyse Taylor is known for her chic, effortless, yet timeless style. She has modeled for top fashion brands and worked with renowned stylists. She has always embraced her unique fashion sense, often standing out on the runway showcases with her creative style. Elyse shares her fashion journey on social media, showing off stylish outfits that range from monochromatic looks to maximalist fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elyse Taylor

1. What is Elyse Taylor’s Instagram handle?

Elyse Taylor’s Instagram handle is @elysetaylor.

2. Does Elyse Taylor have children?

Yes, Elyse Taylor has two children: Lila and Nash.

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3. How did Elyse Taylor become a model?

Elyse Taylor was discovered at age 18 while shopping with her friends.

4. What charitable organizations does Elyse Taylor support?

Elyse Taylor is an ambassador for The Butterfly Foundation, which supports people experiencing eating disorders. She also activates in charity events for breast cancer and maternal health, among others..

5. Has Elyse Taylor ever walked for Victoria’s Secret?

Yes, Elyse Taylor was one of the Victoria’s Secret “angels” in 2009.

6. What kind of fitness routine does Elyse Taylor follow?

Elyse Taylor’s workout routine includes cardio, weights, and Pilates. She also advocates for a balanced approach to extra-curricular activities.

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7. Does Elyse Taylor have a partner?

Yes, Elyse Taylor is in a committed relationship with Seth Campbell.


Elyse Taylor’s journey to becoming a model, advocate, philanthropist, and a mother has been one that inspires many people. She used her platform and personal experiences to advocate for body positivity and mental wellness. Her journey resonates with many young girls and women around the world, standing as a testament to how one can channel their experiences to become a voice of advocacy for a social cause they resonate with.

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