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Reasons why meditation will help you have a better intercourse

Sex and meditation are more related than you can imagine. And it is that with this ancestral practice cortisol levels are reduced and you can focus on the moment you live, something very necessary during sex.

If you want to fully enjoy sexual intercourse, it is important that you focus your attention on that moment and on what gives you pleasure. The inability to do so can create a negative internal dialogue that makes it impossible for the thing to work. That is why it is said that, in the long term, stress inhibits sexual desire.

For all this, sex and meditation are two factors that, together, will allow you to enjoy your privacy to the fullest. Here are some reasons why meditating will help you have better and more sex.

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Meditation will increase your perception and intuition

Don’t try to blindly work your way through the moves, that’s very difficult. If you concentrate well and put all your energy into a glass of wine or a perfume, you will be able to perceive all its nuances. The same thing happens to you if you have the ability to focus on yourself in the present moment and on everything you have in your hands.

If you practice meditation, studies indicate that you can develop a deeper, more intuitive sense of what your sexual partner needs. And you will be able to multiply your sensations.

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Thanks to meditation, you will enjoy the Now

Mindfulness and meditation anchor you in the present, since achieving full attention allows you to be aware of what you are doing in each moment. If you are one of those people who wanders during sex and thinks about office problems, meditation can help you.

Thanks to mindfulness, you can focus on the moment you are living. Science tells us that this can change your mind from an internal to an external focus. Something that will relieve your anxiety and bring you to the now.

Requiring only a few minutes a day, this practice allows you to take a break and have a moment just for yourself. If you are able to master this, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to make a parenthesis in your life. Therefore, when the time comes, you can give yourself to the fullest and enjoy the full body pleasure.

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Meditation will help you rest

After dinner, many people spend hours and hours fiddling with their mobile phone or computer. Do you know what would happen if you spent that time meditating? Your pulse would drop, you would relax little by little and that would favor a better rest and more hours of sleep.

As a consequence, if your night has been restorative, you will wake up wanting to face the day. It won’t matter what happens to you, because you will be 100%.

On the other hand, if your night has not been like this and in the morning you are still tired, your day will be completely different. And, when the night comes, you will only want to lie down and rest.

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Do not forget that sleep is a natural aphrodisiac that significantly increases your sexual pleasure. If you improve your rest and fall asleep, you will have a greater predisposition to relate to your partner. A person who is tired does not have energy to have sex, so if you want to enjoy sex, resting is one of the remedies that you should take into account.

Improve your orgasms with meditation

If you finish sexual relations and you stay the same as you were before them, the normal thing is that you do not feel like repeating it. But you don’t always have to look for the responsibility in your partner, on more occasions than you imagine it falls on your shoulders.

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A group of North American scientists have demonstrated with laboratory tests something that many women have already sensed for a long time. When you live fast and go everywhere in a hurry, it is very difficult to reach orgasm. And even if you do, it’s possible that the climax will be rather vulgar.

Here again, cortisol is to blame. This hormone is what blocks that moment of maximum pleasure. Therefore, meditating, reducing stress and taking the time you need are the perfect ingredients so that you can have fun and enjoy yourself.

Kamagra will help you last longer

If all of the above do not seem like enough reasons for you to meditate and encourage your sexual partner to do so, we still have one last ace up our sleeve.

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Your situation when meditating is that you have rested well and are in a good mood. This is, without a doubt, the prelude to giving the best of oneself and also to a repetition. But, in addition, this situation helps you to prolong the moment as much as possible.

If meditation doesn’t seem to completely solve the problem of having long-lasting sex, you might have erectile dysfunction. Worry no more, Kamagra, a drug based on Sildenafil, is here to save the day. Kamagra, also known as Generic Viagra is modern sexual enhancer with improved results as well-known Viagra. Since this erection enhancer is sold as over the counter medicine, you can buy Kamagra fron any trusted internet pharmacy. When taken as directed by the manufacturer on the package leaflet, this pill has mild or no side effects.

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Sex and meditation are something that is always better to practice as a couple. We want you to be aware of its benefits through your own experience. Meditate a few minutes a day and you will get the calm you need to control your emotions. In fact, it will act as a kind of mental stimulant. Therefore, it will help you to have better quality and intensity in your sexual relations. However some more severe cases can achieve a proper erection only with medicine for erectile dysfunction.


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