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“Uncovering the Untold Story of Ko Wen-je: Taipei’s Revolutionary Mayor”

Uncovering the Untold Story of Ko Wen-je: Taipei’s Revolutionary Mayor

Ko Wen-je is known as Taipei’s “revitalization” mayor. He is a renowned figure in Taiwan’s political scene, as well as one of the most respected physicians in the country. He has a passion for the arts and is an accomplished surgeon. In this article, we will delve into the untold story of Ko Wen-je – his background, achievements and contributions to Taipei.


Ko Wen-je became Taipei’s mayor in 2014, after winning the elections with a comfortable margin. He was an independent candidate, running against the incumbent mayor. Ko Wen-je’s campaign promised to revitalize the city, particularly with regards to public infrastructure, transportation, and urban planning. Being a physician, he was also dedicated to improving public health, both mental and physical.

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Early Life and Education

Ko Wen-je’s grandfather was a farmer, and his father was a civil servant. Ko was born in Taipei in 1959. He graduated from Taipei Medical University in 1984, majoring in Surgery and completing his residency in 1993. His dedication to his craft saw him lead the team that performed Taiwan’s first successful liver transplant in 1989.

Medical Profession

Ko Wen-je’s medical career is nothing short of remarkable. He has performed countless surgeries, taught courses at multiple universities, and served as a consultant to hospitals worldwide. Among his most impressive achievements, he is known for inventing a device for the treatment of chronic wounds which is still used in hospitals today.

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Political Career

Ko’s political career began after he emerged as a critic of the Taiwanese healthcare system in the 2000s. He was an active commentator on social media and started making TV appearances. He caught national attention in 2014 when he announced his candidacy for the Taipei mayoral race. He won the elections in a landslide, riding on the promise of making Taipei a modern, world-class city.

Civic Contributions

Ko’s contributions extend beyond the medical field and politics. He is a prolific writer, having authored several books on politics and popular science. He founded a non-profit to improve the lives of migrant workers in Taiwan, and led a student volunteer movement to help earthquake victims in central Taiwan. He is also an accomplished rock climber.

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Mayoral Achievements

Under Ko’s leadership, Taipei has undergone a transformation. The city now boasts better public transportation, improved parks and green spaces, and an enhanced cycle route network. He also initiated policies to redevelop old neighborhoods, including Songshan and Zhongzheng, turning them into vibrant commercial and recreational districts. He has also implemented mental health programs and initiatives to improve air quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ko Wen-je known for?
A: Ko Wen-je is known for being a revolutionary mayor, dedicated physician, and a prolific writer.

Q: How did Ko Wen-je start his political career?
A: Ko Wen-je started his political career through his online commentary about the healthcare system.

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Q: What are Ko Wen-je’s achievements as Taipei’s mayor?
A: Ko Wen-je’s achievements include improved public transportation, parks and green spaces, cycle routes, and redeveloping old neighborhoods.

Q: Why did Ko Wen-je become a politician?
A: Ko Wen-je became a politician to improve the Taiwanese healthcare system.

Q: What are Ko Wen-je’s contributions to civic life in Taiwan?
A: Ko Wen-je contributed to civic life in Taiwan by founding a non-profit, leading a student volunteer movement, and being an accomplished rock climber.

Q: How did Ko Wen-je become a renowned physician?
A: Ko Wen-je became a renowned physician through his dedication to his craft, performing countless surgeries, and inventing a device for treating chronic wounds.

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Q: What are Ko Wen-je’s interests aside from politics and medicine?
A: Ko Wen-je is also interested in the arts and is an accomplished rock climber.


Ko Wen-je is a dynamic figure in Taiwan’s political and medical history. He has revolutionized Taipei with his policies as mayor, transformed healthcare with his surgical and medical innovations, and created significant contributions to civic life with his non-profit work. Ko Wen-je’s story is one of dedication, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to service. He serves as a role model for professionals in all fields who aspire to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

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